GCOS64 and GCOS7 contributors

Contributors are listed in alphabetical order.  The period of contribution may have been interrupted for other assignments. People marked by a + are deceased; there is provision for a link to their biography. Readers who found that their name has been involuntarily forgotten or who that there are inaccuracies in their contribution  should apply for changes at FEB



period of contribution

major contributions

A Jean-Serge ABRAMOWITZ 1978-1983 telecom software, USA support
Francis ACKERMANN 1980-1985 mgr Angers plant (1980-1982), mgr product line (1983-1985)
Georges ADAMOFF 1975-1985 planning
Claudine AHN opels, verification tests, conformity
Jean AKRICHE 1967-1995 data comm (MLA), Oracle port
Victor ALAMKAN 1972-1978 macrogenerator
François ANCEAU 1981-1985 project Altaïr
  Daniel ANSEAUME     CAD support
Jean ANTIER 1982-1987 mgr Angers plant
Alexis AOUTINE 1972-1980 PI/O, QA
Marc APPELL 1970-1995 L64 architecture, Gcos7 operability, Archer, mgr Hardware
Denis ATTAL 1981-1992 UNIX port
Robert AUDIGIER Integration,
Daniel AZAM Utilitaires SCP
Henri AZUELOS Data mgt
B Bernard BADET hardware packaging
Gérard BARONNAT 1967-1989 PCP, data communications
Robert BAVOUX 1976-1990 P7G I/O, Ares
Aimé BAYLE 1971-1976 Job mgt
Pierre BEAU 1970-1976 quality assurance
Jean BELLEC 1967-1993 mgr design GCOS 64 (1968-1972), Aquila project mgr
Jean Philippe BECKER 1970-1985 product planning, mgr hardware services
André BENSOUSSAN 1969-1971 software architecture
Georges BERENBAUM performances
Bertrand BÉREUX 1968- Fortran
Jacques BERNADAT 1968-1980 design automation, planning, engineering planning
Patrick BERTHELIN IOF, Ministère de la Culture
Robert BERTHEMIN documentation
Jean-François BETBEDER 1972-1992 sort, program mgt,
Francis BIANCHIN 1983- initialization (SIP), Auriga console
Jacques BIENVENU 1967-199? processors P7, P7B, P7G, système Ares ph3
Pierre BLANCHARD 1967-1976


Emile BOISHARDY product planing, product marketing
Jean-Paul BOSS 1967-1970 + dir Software
Gérrad BOUCHER data com subsystems
Jean-Louis BOUCHOU 1971-199? VMM, Job Mgt
Jean BOURGAIN 1971-199? Cobol
Louis BOURGEAIS 1969-197? computer center, program mgt
A BOURGEOIS + computer center
Jaen-Claude BOURHIS 1972-1996 macrogenrator, QA, ISO 9000certiifcation
Sylvie BOURIN 1983-1985 remote batch
Marc BOURIN 1969-1983 gal mgr Medium Systems Department
Jean-Marie BOURREZ 1976-1996 P7G, Auriga project mgr
Guy BOUVATTIER 1967-199x data communications, product planning
Maurice BREDELET 1978-1984 loader, architecture
  Guy BOIRON     harware integration
Marcel BRÉGEON qualification Taurus
Yves BRETTE value analysis
Roger BRIAND 1977-199x P7G I/O, Ares project mgr
Jacques BRIGNON 1976-198?
C Jean-Claude CAMUS data mgt
Claude CANTINAUD 1972-1981 + data management utilities
Jim CAPELESS support
Claude CARRÉ 1968-1990 nucleus, architetcure (1975-1984), Ares ph3 (Libra) program mgr
Jean-Claude CASSIRAME Cobol
Jean-Claude CASSONNET 1967-1996 firmware design (P7, P7G cpu, Ares, Auriga, Artémis)
Lucien CENSIER 1980- architecture
Thierry CHAIN 1970-1982 mgr Software MSD
Christine CHALHOUB-JÖNSSON 1983-1993 UFAS cache, mirror disks
Gilbert CHALLEIL 1972-1988 printers drivers, marketing
Jean CHAMBARET linker
  Dominique CHANDERIS     software instrumentation
Elizabeth (PASTEAU)-CHARBONNIER 1970-1995 data mgt utilities
Michel CHARBONNIER 1972-1994 Sysgen, remote batch, CFDT Union leader
Raymond CHAUVEAU 1969-1992 planning
Marie-Madeleine CHEVASSUS OW
Bernard CHUET 1978-1992 Siris emulators
Robert CHIKLI-PARIENTE 1967-1993 technology
Michel CONSTANTY 1977-1985 + planning
Violette COHEN 1972-1991 P7G cache, TDS
Jean CORDEL 1968-198? planning, applications
François COTTE 1984-1995 Data Mgt
Jean-Paul CORRE 1975-1991 Performances, VMM
Paul COUHAULT 1975-1992 support Marseille, GCOS dev mgr
André CRÉGUT Siris3 emulator
Patrick CURRIVAN + documentation, marketing