ATM Banking Automata

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Automatic Teller Machines were initially developed at CGE subsidiary Transac. Transac was incorporated into Bull in 1983.

world-wide sales

Olivetti alliance


SIAB was a joint venture to develop ATM devices to have them resold by Olivetti and Bull. It incorporated the technology designed by Olivetti in Carmagno (Piemonte-Italy) and transfer it in a brand new plant installed in Cassis, near Marseille (France). The management of SIAB was primarily Italian.
The technology included credit cards readers (both magnetic and smart-cards), a CRT display,  a keyboard, a bill distributor, communications lines with bank computer(s) and secure enclosure facility.
The system was powered by a  PC board.

When Olivetti got out from the computer business, the venture was doomed.


Bull decided to sell its ATM business to Diebold.


Revision : 19 février 2002.