Bull 68000 Products


SPS-7 SM-90

Bull DPX-1000

DPX-1000 was a workstation designed by GIPSI (a spin-off of INRIA directed by Jean-François Abramatic) on the base of SM-90.

TG2 (DPX-2000)

TG2 was a project of Bull Transac  for a business server -part of the Questar line- (as opposed to the scientific servers and workstations developed par SEMS).
TG2 was to be powered by MC 58020 processor(s). It was based on the SM-90 design. Its external packaging differed from the SEMS version.

Data communications were handled through a communication unit powered by Intel 80186 and running CTOS (to be used as a Questar 400 server on a Q400 LAN.

Trix (DPX-3000)

Trix was a Bull Transac project of developing a non-stop UNIX for transactional applications on TG2.The redundant system was called DPX-3000. That project was a port of Tolerant Systems development of a transactional system on a NS server of their own.


This system was developed by Honeywell Information Systems Italia. It was powered by 68020 and was available either as a single processor or a bi-processor server. It used Motorola VME bus.

The XPS-100 operating system was AT&T MP Unix.


The absorption of Honeywell Italy in 1987 lead to the common development of a unified product line under the leadership of X3S a subsidiary created between Bull SA (France ) and the ex-Honeywell Italia. The president of X3S was Lucio Pinto and it was headquartered in Massy.

DPS-7 subsystems



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