Bull DPX/2

from a paper of Jean-Louis Guédé


The DPX/2 product line correspond to an evolution of the somewhat confusing set of UNIX products introduced before 1985 separately by Bull and Honeywell.

They still came of different origin and did not share the same architecture, not even the same version of software.

Bull wanted to position those products in the business application market where they were to displace the GCOS4 and GCOS6 product lines, and also to take the place of GCOS6 in the hopeful market of application specific servers.

The line includes three different systems:

DPX/2 100

This model was inspired by early attempts made by Boston to derive a UNIX platform on an Intel 386 PC platform. The basic UNIX port was SCO, the problem was to provide adequate drivers to support competitive peripherals. That condition cause the rapid obsolescence of DPX/2 100 unable to be maintained at par with the standard Microsoft platform (with Windows NT). It was withdrawn a few months after its introduction in 1990.

DPX/2 200 <to be supplied>

DPX/2 300 <to be supplied>


The DPX/2 product line essentially was delivered as a convergence of Motorola 680x0 based Unix servers developed separately by Honeywell Italy and Bull. It had to be discontinued in 1991 because  Motorola did not pursue the 680x0 line and switched to the PowerPC (agreement with IBM and Apple).


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