The great majority of the millions of software lines written by Bull and Honeywell developers have been in the context of one of the numerous system product lines. Here, are described software products that have been developed as a business per se and targeting several product lines, up and including open systems.



Software Engineering

Bull maintained a relatively low profile in software development tools for customers.

Data Base Systems

General Electric pioneered the development of data base systems, and bet on the standardization of Codasyl chained organization in the 1970s. Although the relational systems came into light in that period, it was only in the early 1980s that Bull introduced its products. Multics and GCOS8 introduced their internally developed products while GCOS7 and GCOS6 adopted the port of Oracle system.

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Manufacturing


Artificial Intelligence
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Office Automation

Document Retrieval Systems


Document Edition

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP is probably one of the most important application program of the 1990s (with SAP R/3 and its competitors). General Electric was a pioneer in such activity since the early 1960s. In the 1990s, Bull concluded an agreement with BAAN to market their ERP on UNIX DPX-systems.


Systems Administration


Data Warehousing



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