Compagnie Européenne d'Automatisme Electronique

CAE was created in 1960 as a joint company with Intertechnique by the French company CSF to offer process control systems for military purpose (specifically the then emerging nuclear "force de frappe") and electronuclear power systems. CAE was originally more a systems integration house than a hardware manufacturer. It was staffed by several computer literate people from SEA, reinforced around 1962 by other from Compagnie des Machines Bull.

Considering the schedule implied by its customers applications, CAE ought to use American licenses from Ramo-Wooldridge (later Bunker-Ramo, then TRW)

Under Ramo-Wooldridge license, CAE installed process control systems based on digital computers:



CAE 510 was a derivative of RW-530 designed by CII for scientific and data collection applications.

Ramo-Wooldridge exited from the computer business and CAE obtained (via an agrrement with Intertechnique and CECIS a license of Scientific Data Systems for their Sigma products

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