Honeywell Series 16


(in construction)

The Honeywell Series 16 (H-316, H-516) take its origin in 1966 from the acquisition of one of the first minicomputers company CCC Computer Control Company.

CCC had a development center and a manufacturing center at Framingham MA.

In 1972, Honeywell focusing on the mainframe market decided to close down the Framingham operation and to merge into Boston Computers Operation, headquartered in Billerica MA and to transfer the majority of its employees. The closure of the plant was effective in September 1974

In 1974, after a management change in BCO, Honeywell decided to start again its minicomputer business by creating a new product line aimed at Digital successful business by launching the Level 6 program out of the resources of Billerica.


    Revision :13 juin 2002.