Honeywell Series 200


Honeywell, looking at the success of IBM 1401, developed a small business computer named H-200 and announced it December 3rd 1963. It attacks frontally the IBM 1401 through a program named Liberator the main feature of it was a Translator for assembly language of 1401.


NEC had acquired a Honeywell license and introduced H-200 as NEAC-2200

Several models were introduced between 1963 and 1974

The line was discontinued in the early 1970s. Its successors were the Series 60 Level 64 (with an integrated H-200 emulator) and the Level 66 for which was designed an emulator under the form of a H-200 processor (CM-2000) operating as an asymmetric SMP computer. The Series 64 emulator was successful in USA and Europe (a few hundreds systems each). Higher H-200 models were converted to Series 66 without actually using the CM-2000 feature.




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