SEA Société d'électronique et d'Automatisme

compiled from a paper by F H Raymond

CAB 1011
CAB 1011 was a digital computer developed by SEA for cryptography processing at French secret services. It was commissioned in July 1955 and remained operational to 1965.
Mr Gloess, in 1953, developed hash-coding algorithms for that machine.

CAB 2200
CAB 2200 was a project initiated 1n 1952 on a contract from STAé (A French aerospace agency). This project lead to the SEA CAB2022 a digital computer delivered to Matra in October 1955 and to Ateliers de Construction de Puteaux (DEFA) in January 1956. It stayed in operation until 1964.

A version of that system called SABA Simulateur Arithmétique Binaire de l'Armement was delivered to LRBA Vernon (missiles and rockets  designs)

That computer was used for simulators for Nord-Aviation and Matra in 1957

CAB 3030
That computer designed in 1958 was operational in 1960 at Comptoir des Produits Sidérurgiques. Another system was delivered
unsuccessfully to INSEE.

CAB 3040
CAB3040 was a project of
scientific computer based on CAB3030

CUBA Calculateur Binaire de l'Armement
CUBA was initiated in 1951 and was eventually delivered to the French military agency LCA Army Central Laboratory at Arcueil in 1954.

Dorothée was the first transistor machine of SEA

The most
successful system of SEA.
The project was initiated in 1956 as an office machine. It was a drum oriented machine and used a magnetic core technology fro logic and registers. The first shipment occurred in February 1961.

SEA 3900 was a business oriented machine designed in 1958 essentially for banking applications fro Crédit Lyonnais. It was centered on the optimization of magnetic tape processing. It faced the competition from IBM 1401 tape version and from Bull Gamma 30.

a new version of SEA 3900

it was to be a new model of CAB500 designed in 1966

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