The GE-115 also marketed by Bull-General Electric under the name of Gamma 115 originated in Italy, by Olivetti.

After the 1964 take-over by General Electric, Olivetti computers became OGE Olivetti-General Electric and were sold in the worldwide market.

The GE-115 is a small computer to be used as a replacement of card punch equipements, as a machine handling paper tape-based applications and as a remote batch terminal connected to the GE-600, as a substitute for Univac 1004. Many GE-115 were equipped with tape drive and eventually with magnetic discs.

Its production was suspended in the mid-1970s. It was replaced by Honeywell Level-62 (also produced by the same team, named HIS Italia after 1970) and by Level-64 (which featured an emulator for GE-100).


The GE-115 uses a typical second generation technology: discrete transistor logic and core memory

Memory of Gamma-115 

photos courtesy of Bela varady