The Fédération des Equipes Bull is a non-profit type association organized according the 1901 French law on associations. It is fully independent from Groupe Bull, although it keeps with the computer company close friendly relations.

It gathers friends of Bull and French computer industry (former and present employees, customers and partners and people interested in computer history). Its main mission is to preserve and display the historical heritage of Bull and of the French computer industry.

According those guidelines, the main activities are the following:

Those are a collective work that actors and witnesses are progressively building up from their memory, from their personal archives and those of Bull.

The French version of this work (that has been initially published only on paper) is divided in two distinct parts:

a "Chronology of events", the French version of which is used as a collective deposit where every contributor put his (or hers) records. A reading of this chapter may show important gaps in the knowledge collected on some periods or some themes.

an "Histoire des systèmes" gathers informations about Bull computers written by witnesses and sometimes the designers. It includes reprints on old documents difficult to find. It includes also articles written by customers about their experiences in old computers.

The English version, here, is presently somewhat more comprehensive due to a feeling of urgency to meet the needs of our fellow workers and ex-workers from United States , Italy and elsewhere as well as to inform researchers who are not reading fluently the French language.
While It was our intent to produce eventually a multi-lingual FEB Web site, offering the same contents in several languages, the contents of the two versions are not yet identical, and readers are invited to browse both parts.

The English part includes:

Additional systems and more detailed descriptions of peculiar features wil be added later. All contributions for those additions and for correcting imprecisions and errors are welcome.They may be addressed to jeanbellec@wanadoo.fr and jacqfaure@wanadoo.fr, the Webmaster who has the responsibilty to coordinate the FEB Site.

The FEB Web site is completely independent of business considerations and wishes to look back at the past history analyzing with objectivity and lack of vindication.

Everybody may participate and share his (or hers) knowledge and his (orhers) experience with the community of the pioneers of the computer adventure . Bring us your remarks, your criticisms and additional information you may have.

Contact FEB via Internet

The English version is directed towards an Internet publication and targets remote Bull employees and alumni as well as Bull systems users. It also wishes to be a modest contribution to the history of the computer industry for the worldwide community of people who are interested in. .

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