GCOS64 and GCOS7 contributors

Contributors are listed in alphabetical order.  The period of contribution to the GCOS7 project may have been interrupted for other assignments. People marked by a + are deceased; there is provision for a link to their biography. The list contributions may be not exhaustive and subject to corrections.
Readers who found that their name or that some of their fellow workers have been involuntarily forgotten or who have found inaccuracies in their contribution  should apply for changes at FEB.




period of contribution

major contributions

A Jean-Serge ABRAMOWITZ 1978-1983 telecom software, USA support  
  Francis ACKERMANN 1980-1985 mgr Angers plant (1980-1982), mgr product line (1983-1985)  
  Georges ADAMOFF 1975-1985 + planning  
  Claudine AHN   opels, verification tests, conformity  
  Jean AKRICHE 1967-1995 data comm. (MLA), Oracle port  
  Victor ALAMKAN 1972-1978 macro generator  
  François ANCEAU 1981-1985 project Altaïr  
  Daniel ANSEAUME   CAD support  
  Jean ANTIER 1982-1987 mgr Angers plant  
  Alexis AOUTINE 1972-1980 PI/O, QA  
  Marc APPELL 1970-1995 L64 architecture, Gcos7 operability, Archer, mgr Hardware  
  Denis ATTAL 1981-1992 UNIX port  
  Robert AUDIGIER   Integration,  
  Alev AYDIN     UNIX interoperability  
  Daniel AZAM   Utilities SCP  
  Henri AZUELOS   Data mgt  
B Bernard BADET   hardware packaging  
  Gérard BARONNAT 1967-1989 PCP, data communications  
  Robert BAUDRY 1975-20xx JOBM, Diane, maintenance  
  Robert BAVOUX 1976-1990 P7G I/O, Ares  
  Aimé BAYLE 1971-1976 Job mgt  
  Pierre BEAU 1970-1976 + quality assurance  
  Jean BELLEC 1967-1993 mgr design GCOS 64 (1968-1972), Aquila project mgr  
  Jean Philippe BECKER 1970-1985 product planning, mgr hardware services  
  André BENSOUSSAN 1969-1971 + software architecture  
  Georges BERENBAUM   performances  
  Bertrand BÉREUX 1968- + Fortran  
  Jacques BERNADAT 1968-1980 design automation, planning, engineering planning  
  Patrick BERTHELIN   IOF, Ministère de la Culture  
  Robert BERTHEMIN   documentation  
  Jean BERTUCAT   + T&D  
  Jean-François BETBEDER 1972-1992 sort, program mgt,  
  Francis BIANCHIN 1983- initialization (SIP), Auriga console  
  Jacques BIENVENU 1967-199? processors P7, P7B, P7G, system Ares ph3  
  Pierre BLANCHARD 1967-1976


  Emile BOISHARDY   product planning, product marketing  
  Thierry BONNEL     Diane architecture, development, integration  
  Jean-Paul BOSS 1967-1970 + dir Software  
  Gérard BOUBLY   + OW, RBF  
  G2rard BOUCHER   data com subsystems, Ares3  
  Jean-Louis BOUCHOU 1971-199? VMM, Job Mgt  
  Claude BOULADE   VMM  
  Charles BOURCIER      
  Jean BOURGAIN 1971-199? Cobol  
  Louis BOURGEAIS 1969-197? computer center, program mgt  
  A BOURGEOIS   + computer center  
  Jaen-Claude BOURHIS 1972-1996 macro generator, QA, ISO 9000certiifcation  
  Sylvie BOURIN 1983-1985 remote batch  
  Marc BOURIN 1969-1983 gal mgr Medium Systems Department  
  Jean-Marie BOURREZ 1976-1996 P7G, Auriga project mgr  
  Guy BOUVATTIER 1967-199x + data communications, product planning  
  Maurice BREDELET 1978-1984 loader, architecture  
  Guy BOIRON   hardware integration  
  Alain BRégeon     support, Diane  
  Marcel BRÉGEON   qualification Taurus  
  Yves BRETTE   value analysis  
  Roger BRIAND 1977-199x P7G I/O, Ares project mgr  
  Jacques BRIGNON 1976-198?    
C Jean-Claude CAMUS   data mgt  
  Claude CANTINAUD 1972-1981 + data management utilities  
  Pierre CAPDEQUI     tri  
  Jim CAPELESS   support  
  Claude CARRÉ 1968-1990 nucleus, architecture (1975-1984), Ares ph3 (Libra) program mgr  
  Jean-Claude CASSIRAME   Cobol  
  Jean-Claude CASSONNET 1967-1996 firmware design (P7, P7G cpu, Ares, Auriga, Artémis)  
  Lucien CENSIER 1980- architecture  
  Thierry CHAIN 1970-1982 mgr Software MSD  
  Christine CHALHOUB-JÖNSSON 1983-1993 UFAS cache, mirror disks  
  Gilbert CHALLEIL 1972-1988 printers drivers, marketing  
  Jean CHAMBARET   linker  
  Dominique CHANDERIS   software instrumentation  
  Elizabeth (PASTEAU)-CHARBONNIER 1970-1995 data mgt utilities, journal  
  Michel CHARBONNIER 1972-1994 Sysgen, remote batch,  
  Raymond CHAUVEAU 1969-1992 planning  
  Marie-Madeleine CHEVASSUS   OW  
  Bernard CHUET 1978-1992 Siris emulators, architecture (adressage)  
  Robert CHIKLI-PARIENTE 1967-1993 technology  
  Michel CONSTANTY 1977-1985 + planning  
  Violette COHEN 1972-1991 P7G cache, TDS  
  Jean CORDEL 1968-198? planning, applications  
  François COTTE 1984-1995 Data Mgt  
  Jean-Paul CORRé 1975-1991 Performances, VMM  
  Paul COUHAULT 1975-1992 support Marseille, GCOS dev mgr  
  André CRÉGUT   Siris3 emulator  
  Patrick CURRIVAN   + documentation, marketing  
D Bruno DALLEMAGNE 1975-1992 program mgr  
  Ginette DALMASSO 1968-1994 mass storage controller  
  Anne-Marie DARNET 1968-199x PL/1  
  Ramendra DAS 197?-197? PL/1?  
  Patrick DAUFFY   product planning  
  Pierre DAVOUS 1967-1970 mgr Bull engineering  
  Guy DE CHASTELLIER 1971-198x data mgt utilities, program mgt  
  Philippe DE FLANDRE   design automation  
  Raymond DE MARNHAC   data mgt  
  Claude DE MARSAC 1968-198? design automation, program mgt, quality  
  Pierre DE MEYER   nucleus  
  Gérard DE PONCINS 1967-198? unit record controller  
  Philippe DE RIVET 1970-1984 architecture, performances  
  Robert DESJARDINS 1970-1990 ISL, mizop debugger  
  Lucien DELLA NEGRA   + magnetic tape controller  
  François DU JEU 1970-1978 computer center mgr  
  Jean DU ROSCOAT 1969-197? + technical documentation  
  Thierry DOLIDON   T&D, Auriga firmware  
  Louis DOREAU   planning  
  Michel DOROTTE 197?-1990 architecture; XSA  
  Louis DOUCET 1974-1988 IOF;APL,Basic, wordpro, architecture  
  Jean-Marie DOUCHY 1975-1983 Taurus project, central planning  
  Jean DUBOS   + architecture  
  Claude DUCAROUGE 1969-1990 tech admin, RPQ  
  Raymond DUSSELIER   unit records, Auriga firmware  
  Jean-Jacques DUCROS 1968-1993 sysgen, quality assurance  
  Roger DUSSINE 1968-198? technology  
E Bernard ÉLIE 1971-1980 Job Mgt, nucleus, special projects  
  Achraf FADIKAH     MLDS, UNIX interoperability  
F Jacques FAURE 1983-1988 + Aquila project  
  Robert FAYOT 1971-198? G100 emulator, IDS  
  Henri FEISSEL 1970-1976 + NEC relationship  
  Jean Pierre FESSARD 19779-1984 R&D administration  
  Georges FELDMAN 1971- field engineering, software support  
  Pierre FENART 1982 hardware support  
  Jacques FOUROT 1970-1973 + mgr Product Line  
  Jean-Louis FRESSINEAU   P7G-IOC, Auriga, Auriga2 caches  
  Hubert FREUND


job mgt, marketing
  Jean FURELAUD   Ares, Auriga  
G Christian GABET 1969-198? catalog, Index Sequential, MLDS  
  Jean-Jacques GAEHVILLER   marketing  
  François GALLET   micropackaging technology  
  Paul GALLI 1978-1991 Job mgt, product planning  
  Jean-Louis GALZIN 1972-1991 P7 Firmware, Job Mgt, Demo Center, KPMG  
  Roland GATELLIER      
  Robert GAUDICHEAU   Siris8 emulator, Micro FEP  
  Patricia GAUDRY   G100 emulator  
  Bernard GAUTHIER 1972-1985 Job mgt, Hyper channel software, MainWay front-end  
  Germain GAUTHIER   Demo Center  
  Liliane GODARD-(ROUSSEAU) 1972-1995 Data mgt, special projects  
  Jean-Marc GOUBE 1972-1993 Data mgt, integration  
  Bernard GOURITEN 1970-197? software factory (Multics)  
  Serge GRANLOUP     UNIX interoperability  
  Michel GUICHARD   software factory  
  Jean-Jacques GUILLEMAUD 197?-1992 performances evaluation  
  Michel GUILLEMET 1972-current P7 design, Auriga CPU design, mgr Hardware  
  Jean GUILESSER      
H Samuel HANIN 1998-2001   Diane  
  Albert HARARI 1971-1975 software factory (GE-645)  
  Jean-Pierre HARDY 1969-199? program management (1969-1982)  
  Jean-Claude HAUTREUX   EDF project  
  Pierre HELLENIS 1971-1977 macro generator  
  Jean HILAIRE   Fortran  
  Guy HIOT 1972-1995 Virtual memory, IOF, Standard Mass Storage, Diane  
  Pierre HOFFMANN   P7G, Siris8 emulator  
  Tadeusz HOLKA 1972-197? computer center (GE-635)  
  Gérard HOLLARD 1972-1993 Cobol, telecommunications  
  François HOLVOET-VERMAULT   maintainability planning  
  René HOMEYER 1972-1979 G100 emulator, basic telecom (BTNS)  
  Maurice HUBERT 1978-1992 peripheral architecture  
  Daniel HUMBLOT   Taurus project manager  
I Michel ISERT   Ares, Auriga  
  Michel JABSTRABSKY 1972-1975 G100 emulator, MLP, TDS  
J Jean-Philippe JAHARD 1970-1987 + design automation  
  Maggie JACOBS     UNIX interoperability  
  Alain JAYLES 1975-1978 manager  
  Bernard JEANDIDIER 1970-1990 sw personnel administration, job mgt  
  Christian JOLY 1968-1991 Hardware development, gal mgr Bull engineering  
  Marie-France JOLY   G100 emulator, Marketing  
K Daniel KERMANACH      
  Thierry KOCH   sales Marseille)  
  Helmut KOHLMAYER 1975-1996 technical support in Austria, QA  
  Claude KUCH   marketing  
L Bernard LABOUE   macro packaging  
  Jean-Pierre LABROUSSE 1983- qualification  
  Christian LACAILLE   marketing  
  Jean-Jacques LACLAVERIE 1977-1992 IQS, personal computer connection  
  Jean-Paul LAGRANGE 197?-1992 packaging technology  
  Jacques LAMY 1971-199? integration  
  Louis LANOIR   hardware maintenance  
  Jean-Marie LANQUETIN   OWriter, UFAS  
  Michel LAPORTE   product planning  
  Dominique LAURENT   CAD  
  Annie LAVAL 1972-199? data mgt  
  Claude LE BRAS 1969-1978 data management  
  Jean-Yves LE GOÏC   nucleus  
  Michel LECAMPION 1977-1992 reconfiguration, Diane  
  François LE FAOU 1979-1983 marketing  
  Yves LEFEUVRE   mgr Angers manufacturing  
  Raymond LE FOLLIC 1974-1984 + planning  
  Jacques LEGER   sales (France) special projects  
  Christian LEHOUX 1971- static linker  
  Francis LEMAIRE   logic design  
  Marcel LEMASSON 1971-198? mgr emulators, mgr languages, mgr Data Mgt  
  Jean-Laurent LEMOIGNE   Program Mgt  
  Georges LEPICARD 1967-1984 architecture L64, system P7, project P7G  
  Michel LEPREVOST   PI/O,   
  Guy LEPRON   maintenance  
  Joël LERENDU 1971- Data mgt, sales  
  Françoise LEROY   OW  
  Henri LEROY 1968-1973 languages, PL/1  
  Maurice LESIMPLE 1972-1978 MLP, TDS  
  Alain LESSEUR 1974-1991 product planning, maintenance  
  Gérard LÉVY 1972-current extended machine, sw pgm mgt  
  Aderito LOPES 1982-1990 Auriga project, US support  
  Roger LOUSSOUARN 1969-1993 Fortran, Cobol  
  Marc LOUX   software factory, integration  
  Gérard LOUZIER 1972-1989 mgr Data Management, mgr Product Planning, mgr Product Line (1980-1989)  
  LUU Tuong Duc 1968-1993 URC design, Data Mgt, TDS  
M Marie MACHELACHE 1968-1987 GNAL,  
  Pierre MAILLARD   product planning, design automation  
  Gerard MARATRAY   data management  
  Christian MASSON   design automation  
  Daniel MASSOT 1972-1992 I/O software  
  Claude MASSUARD 1967-199? static linker, shared modules  
  André MAUDUIT 1967-1989 peripheral subsystems, documentation  
  Norbert MAURAISIN      
  André MAVIER   Fortran, Cobol  
  Jean-Louis MERCHADOU 1972-1990 SIP, T&D monitor  
  Maurice MERTENS 1974-198? Job Mgt  
  Jean-François MESCAM 198x-19 peripheral subsystems  
  Bernard MESDON 1973-1994 Output Writer, UFAS, special projects  
  Jean-Paul MESNAGE 1971-1997 SCP, PIO, peripheral subsystems, nucleus  
  Pierre MIARD   I/O subsystems  
  François MICHEL 1971-1974 mgr T&D, directeur général SEMS, founder Copernique  
  Pierre MICHELIN 1976-    
  André MILLERET   design automation  
  Neil MINKLEY 1972-1981   mode G-100, IDS-2  
  Jean-Pierre MILLOT   peripheral subsystems  
  Christian MOLLARD   URC, Ares3, SCSI  
  Jean-Paul MONIER 198?-1990 peripheral product planning  
  Nicole MOREAU   secretary Marc Bourin  
  Gérard MORGANTI 1974-1985 Data mgt  
  Francis MOTTINI 1970-1996 micro-electronics design  
  Michel MOUCHY 1972-198? RPG  
  Jean-Pierre MOULARDE 197?-198? output writer, remote batch, data comm. software  
  Marcel MOULIN   URC firmware  
  Jean-Pierre MOURIERAS 1969-1992 Fortran, mgr languages, remote batch (DJP) maintenance  
  Marie-Elsa MUSETTA      
  Michel MUSY   integration, Phoenix support  
N Lucien NÈGRE 1971-1985 product planning, software planning  
  NGUYEN NGOC Luyen 1971-1993 planning  
  NGUYEN VAN Binh 1968-1975 macro generator  
O Monika OBREBSKA 1984-1994   CAD, Auriga1, Auriga2 cache  
  Philippe ODDO   firmware P7G, Auriga conformity  
  Jean-Pierre ONIMUS 1971-1995 Job Mgt, IOF, sales  
  Bernard ORLIAC   SIP  
  François OUGIER 1984-1992   Performances Tools, Virtual Memory Mgt  
  Jean-Pierre OUTTERYCK 1985-1988 Finances  
P Jean-Jacques PAIRAULT 197?-1990 mgr T&D (1970-1973), Auriga system  
  Jean PAPADOPOULO 1974-1988 sw integration, product planning  
  Jacques PARIS   hardware integration  
  Jacques PAULY -1999 program mgt  
  Claude PENDZEL 1969-1994 Job Mgt, special projects,  
  PENVERN   Computer center  
  Alain PERUS   virtual memory (paging)  
  Claude PETIT   Cobol  
  Henri PFAHL 1983-current Product Line marketing, mgr Product Line (1997-curent)  
  Bernard PIARD   maintenance  
  Philippe PICOT 1971-1992 Job mgt, TDS  
  François PIFFAUT   Marketing  
  Alain PINET 1976-1990   Performances, UNIX port, Terminal Load Simulator  
  Jean-Marie PIRARD 197?-1995 Product Planning  
  Noël PODEVIN 197?-198? Job mgt, documentation  
  Daniel POIRSON 1972-2003 SCP, BFAS, MLDS, Diane  
  Gérard PORTE      
  Alain POUBLAN 1970-199? Data management  
  Jean-Henri POUSSY 1971-1980 software integration, I/O firmware  
  Jacques PRINTZ 1971-198? macro generator, mgr languages (1981-1987), professor at CNAM  
  Guy PROUD 1972-current GE-635 factory, mgr GCOS7 software  
R Philippe RADOUAN 1975- macro generator, languages, UNIX port  
  Michel RAGON   URC firmware  
  Richard RAPAPORT 1972-1990 Job Mgt  
  Vincent RAZAFINIMANA 1971-1992 T&D,  
  Raymond RÉGLIER 1969-1990 support, administration  
  Jean-François REINERT   SCP, remote maintenance, quality  
  Annick RIGHENZI   Planning  
  Drude RIMELL   Job Mgt, Calgary  
  Jean RIOU   Ares program  
  Françoise ROBERT 1972-1998 catalog, Oracle port,  
  Michel ROCHER 1971-1987 mgr Software GCOS (1975-198?), founder Oracle France (-1996)  
  Claude ROLLAND 1972-1989 mgr nucleus, special projects, mktg, planning/mktg applications  
  Marcel ROTTIER 1970-198? tests & diagnostics  
  Christian ROUSSEL 1972-1989 data mgt, Oracle port, applications planning  
  Gérard ROUSSEL 1978-1989 marketing  
  Pierre ROUX   product planning  
  Odile ROY -1976 design automation  
S Michel SAKAROVITCH 1984-1993 Auriga project mgr, mgr Hardware (-1993)  
  Pierre SALKAZANOV 1978-1989 P7G IOC, Ares CPU,  
  André SARRE   peripheral subsystems  
  Alain SAUVESTRE 1971-current sw support, integration, nucleus  
  Claude SCHENKERY 1971-1975 engineering planning  
  Gérard SCHILLER 197?- Sw support, mgr integration, quality assurance, mgr maintenance  
  Peter SCHNABEL   + Data Mgt  
  Patrick SERVANT 1972-1975   exception handling, performances  
  Jacques SERY   URC  
  Pierre SEVRAY 1969-1988 Exception handler, PIO, MLDS, Product Planning  
  David SLOSBERG 1971-1988 + architecture  
  Jean-Michel SOULAT   Marketing  
  Xavier STEFANI 1971-1993 loader, extended machine,  mgr Bull engineering  
  Ino STROUMZA 1968-198? project mgt  
T Georges J TAHAR 1983-1994 product marketing  
  Gérard TALTASSE   Finances  
  François TARTANSON 1971-1977 configuration  
  Marcel TENEGAL 1974-current QA, technical support  
  Jean-Claude THAUVIN   product planning  
  Victor THEVENET 1974-1986 maintenance, support, quality assurance  
  Francis TOUZIN 197?-1989? TDS, telecommunications  
  Jacques TRAMU 1973-1985    
  Michel TRUPCEVIC   Peripheral devices  
  Michel TUGLER 1972-1983 + SMD, Sw support, product marketing  
  Jean VALIN 1979-1985 technology  
V Claude VALLET   +    
  Philippe VALLET 1970-current P7G, Auriga, Artémis  
  Jean VARANGOT      
  Michel VASSET 1977-199? finances  
  Michel VATOUX 1975-1989 GCOS ergonomics, marketing support, planning  
  Henri VERDIER 1967-1992 Unit Record controller, mgr peripheral subsystems  
  Guy VEISSIER 1969-1978 Fortran  
  Jacqueline VIDAL-(BAILBY) 1968-1977 Job Management, product planning, firmware integration  
  Jean-Martin VIDECOQ   disks controller  
  Daniel VINOT 1967-1990 P7 CPU design, Aquila project  
  Jean-Paul VIZINET 1969-1972 VMM  
W Jacques WAJNFLASZ 1971-1990 product planning, data mgt journalization  
  Jacques WEBER 1981-1986 mgr Software, gal mgr Bull Systems  
  Jacques WITASSE 1971-199? Basic I/O, Marketing support  
Z Alain ZEITOUN 1984-1987 mgr Product line  
Robert F. ANDERSON 1970-1973   mgr Strategic Planning
Richard D. ANGEL 1971-1974   program management
Kenneth BARBOUR 1969-1970    
Charles W. (Charlie) BACHMAN 1969-1974   architecture, data mgmt,  founder Bachmann Associates
Dick BATCHELOR 1969-1974   HPL compiler
Jacques BOUVARD 1971-1974   architecture
Jerry CLANCY 1971-1974   JCL, Level 62 coordination
Chuck COFLIN 1971-1973   data management
Tom CULL 1970-1973   mgr Software
Geoffroy DE BELLOY 1977-1983   mgr planning
Paul J. DERBY 1970-1875   utilities, mgr Boston development
Richard (Dick) DESMOND 1975-199x   support
Ernie DIETERICH 1973-1976   mgr Software
Pete DRESSEN 1969-1973   IDS, mgr Honeywell-Bull Phoenix (-1994)
Leroy ELLISON 1968-1969   mgr Software
William (Bill)  FRINK 1968-1973 +  
Ugo GAGLIARDI 1970-1973   NPL Technical Office director, professor computing sciences at Harvard Univ.
Maurice GERVAIS 1978-1987   Marketing mgr Paris (1977-1978) , mgr Product Line
Russ L. GILSTAD 1970-1974   mgr Data Management
George GRAYSON 1970-1975   Product Line
Ronald J. (Ron) HAM 1970-1974   Cobol
William (Bill) HEFFNER 1970-1974   mgr Software dev, 4A Backup, Digital Equipment
Richard H. (Dick) HILL 1971-1973   mgr Software
Tom HIRSCH 1972-1977   4A-Backup
Robin KERR 1969-1970   mgr APL software
Arnold LANGBERG 1975-   support
John LIPPERT 1969-1974   data management
Al LYMAN 1970-1974   data management
Ephraim MALLACH 1970-1975   H-200 emulator
Dewey MANZER 1970-1972   mgr Software Development
Robert MOODOYAN 1971-1981   mgr Technical support
Paul MOORE 1975-1991   GT Writer, support
Mauro PACELLI 1968   mgr ASTO software
Theodoros (Ted) PAPPAS 1970-1977   product planning
Ross PARK 1969-1974   software architecture
John PAYTON 1971-1973   software factory
Giuliano RAVIOLA 1969-1973   NPL Technical Office
Iliana REISH 1971-1975   sort/merge
Bill SLACK 1971-1973   software development tools
Paul SZORC 1971-1973   Cobol
Dennis WARD 1971-1975   Data management (UFAS)
Maria WELLER 1971-1974 + H-200 emulator
Richard (Dick) WELLS 1970-1973   Cobol communications
Charlie WHITE 1971-1973   Fortran (Paris)
Jim WHITE 1971-1972   software architecture
Carl ZETHRAEUS 1971-1974   HPL, Cobol


Mazayuki AKAI 1972-1975 performances (Paris)
Akira MOROOKA 1972-1975 job mgt (Paris)
H NISHIMURA 1971-1975 manufacturing planning (Angers)
Hiroo SHIN 1972-1976 job mgt (Paris)
Yusuke TSUJI 1971-1975 Paris mgr, mgr ACOS-4 software at NEC
Yoichi UMEMURA 1972-1974 Billerica H-200 emulator